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Make Intelligent EB-5 Decisions


With our team of experts we are able to present a potential EB-5 Applicant with a list of potential investment opportunities curated specifically for each client. We are committed to being transparent and knowledgeable regarding the EB-5 program and want to help you get a Green Card and have your capital safely returned. Our models can provide a success score, quickly compare multiple deals, assess the strengths and weaknesses of each project, and a due diligence report for each potential project.

Brahman Holdings helps investors gain permanent residency in the United States through investment in US business and real estate developments.


Step 1 - Review documents to determine if the program truly is viable under the EB-5 Program Requirements. We will review the PPM, Business Plan, TEA Designation & more

Step 2 - Make a determination on the likelihood of project completion and job creation. We will ask numerous questions and review things such as construction budgets, permitting, financing, job creation estimates and contingencies

Step 3 - Project Feasibility - will this project be completed and is it feasible? Look at cash flow, appraisal, construction cash flow schedules, and do a sensitivity analysis.

Step 4 - Developer, Project Manager, NCE evaluation. We will review any information regarding these entities in order to determine their past success, track records, standing in the community by reviewing court cases and news.

Step 5 - Should an investor have extensive interest in a project we would organize a site visit and a meet and greet to confirm Project status

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