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Headquartered in Belmont, MA with a satellite office in Northampton, MA, Brahman Holdings LLC is the holding company for numerous operating and consulting companies focused on but not limited to the alternative investment industry. From real estate development and consulting to fund management, investing in start-ups and building tech solutions, Brahman Holdings prides itself on providing an all-inclusive alternative investment experience to our clients.

Our consultants have been practicing for over four decades in learning and fine tuning their expertise in real estate, hedge funds and technology. We’re on the pulse of modern technology and finance, and have monitored their evolution to inform our own consulting approaches—all to give you exceptional advice that will last for years to come.

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21 Alexander Ave.
Belmont, MA 02478

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Areas of Practice


The world around us is ever changing and we have changed the way of traditional consulting to fulfill the changing business landscape. We do not believe in consulting without results, instead work alongside you to provide solutions to your problem. With globalization, the opportunity for profit grew, but so did the complexity. That’s where we come in.

Fund Management

We have extensive experience in setting up and operating entities ranging from equity hedge funds to qualified opportunity funds. One of the most integral aspects to the successful operation of a fund entails being able to put the many pieces together that brings the best value to the investors and the operators alike, and we take pride in providing the best solution.

Fix and Flips

We invest in real estate equity as part of our business strategies. We have brought order in the chaos of flips, and perfected a system that can be scaled up. After we proved ourselves in the market, we have expanded with creating Associate companies, which enables us to be nimble and fast in our expansion endeavors.


The startup and small business marketplace is still a new and fierce frontier that requires consulting advice from experts who are deeply entrenched in the particularities of venture development. Our team gives you an holistic approach, so your company can get the best competitive advantage, grow fast and grow well.

Commercial Development PM

One of our most recent company is focused on acquiring, structuring, strategizing, financing and managing mid-size mixed use development projects. We can assume the role of consultant with providing guidance on structuring and financing for a seasoned developer. We can also partner to handle end-to-end project life cycle.

Tech Solutions

When a programmer is asked if something is possible, the answer usually is anything is possible. With the growth of big data and the ease of accessibility to it, a strong technology base and understanding is a key tenet of success. Technology isn’t the answer to problems, but it’s an incredible tool to ease problem and expand possibilities.


We must all obey the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature.
— Edmund Burke


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