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REITSimple was established in January 2017 to invest in single family distressed homes in Springfield and surrounding cities of Hampden County, Massachusetts. REITSimple has expanded and grown rapidly to operate in 2 other counties in the state since then. In 2018, REITSimple started building its tech offering, a singular platform for acquiring, funding and managing deals. Currently the REITSimple footprint is present in Hampden, Hampshire, Bristol, Plymouth and Norfolk county of Massachusetts.

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REITSimple had its vision to revolutionize the fix and flip business model. Our goal is to transform the industry from an extremely fragmented landscape with no centralized information source, lack of standardization, limited clarity of the processes and systems, if any, to a streamlined operations that is both scalable and powered by technology. We approached the landscape with learning the processes and the pain points associated with each step of the process. The first six months of inception was spent in learning about the business and identifying the areas of improvement. The next step was to perfect our model within a test segment of the market, Springfield, MA which was selected owing to its stabilized profile and volume of standard real estate inventory. Upon building a robust standardized operation, we started rapid expansion into other geographical areas. Our next goal is to create an online platform for real estate fix and flip transaction, bringing the fun of flipping to the average American household.


Our close knit team consists of the following members:

  1. A Financing and Investor Relations Manager, who manages the capital and debt along with Investor Relation

  2. A Project Manager, who oversees and coordinates each project from start to end across different markets

  3. 3 Market Leaders who represent Associate companies which handle unique markets and has a team of their own

  4. 4 Analysts who underwrite our acquisitions

  5. A tech team based in India who builds the database and the tech platform


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  1. FlipSquared: The tech platform which is currently under development, will be used by the organization internally to manage all aspect of their operations as well as create a cutting edge platform for unaccredited investors, lenders, flippers to come together and transform the market.

    For a sneak peak into our platform, please visit:

  1. Associate Expansion Effort: A primary business goal for REITSimple is to successfully underwrite and develop Associates in each new market entered. Currently we have 3 Associate companies operating in Massachusetts:

    Blue Marble Group Holdings, operating in Norfolk and Plymouth county

    Montauk Holding, operating in Bristol County

    Ibis Duo Holdings, operating in Hampden and Hampshire county