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Birch Moon

Fund focused on Commercial Development



Birch Moon was founded in May 2018 to focus on developing real estate in under served communities. Our flagship offering, Ferry Street Fund I, is focused on development of a large parcel of land in an Opportunity Zone. With strong local community ties guiding us on the best use we are excited to break ground in early Q2 2019. With 3 other Opportunity Zone Projects in the pipeline and several general development opportunities, we are excited for what lies ahead.



Why Birch Moon? The first month of the Celtic Tree Months is a symbol for rebirth and regeneration. Our goal is to focus on the areas of the country in which there has not been the necessary capital inflows to bring them to the 21st century We are focused on secondary markets, not big cities or major metropolitan areas, in order to find our deals. For our longer term Opportunity Zone Funds (10+ years) in which we will own and operate the property we aim to return 9%-12% while targeting much higher returns for our shorter term Non-OZ Projects.

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Our close knit team consists of the following members:

  1. A Financing and Investor Relations Manager, who manages the capital and debt along with Investor Relation

  2. A seasoned Developer, who oversees and coordinates each project from start to end across different markets

  3. A former Hedge Fund Manager who is skilled in the art of unearthing key data points from hard to interpret information

  4. 3 Analysts who analyze and develop feasibility package of each deal for underwriting




  1. Ferry Street Fund I, LLC - Fund targeting two specific buildings in a 7 acre development tract in MA.

  2. Blind Opportunity Zone Fund (TBD) that will target development properties in Opportunity Zone areas.

  3. Development Funds targeting opportunities outside of Opportunity Zones