Brahman Holdings
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Helping to navigate the EB-5 Investment Program


What We Do


We are both providers of deals for EB-5 investors as well as third party consultants to individuals looking to analyze deals

Our team has several direct and indirect deals that are geared and target towards EB-5 Investors.


Direct investment

Do you want to own a piece of a business? If you are looking for more than just a passive indirect investment in a Real Estate Development project, we have a handful of companies that you may be interested in from an early stage start-up company to a therapy company looking to expand into new locations.


indirect investment

Looking for a passive investment? Then our Real Estate Development projects are for you. Our projects all have a built in job creation buffer so that we don’t run into a situation where the job hasn’t crated enough jobs for the investors to all get their green card.



We will help analyze each potential deal and determine the likelihood of each one’s success. Not only is this a monetary investment, but it is about future citizenship and the stakes are higher than ever. We will help you make the right decisions and advise you on how to pick the right deal.