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List of our currently available EB-5 Projects


Ready for Investment

Capital per investor subject to change based on EB-5 rule changes set to take effect 11/21/19. Projects below will be in a TEA pre & post this rule change.



EB-5 Capital Raise: $500,000, 1 EB-5 investor, will be located in a TEA

Soliyarn, LLC has developed a process for using vapor coating technology to coat fabrics of any kind with a conductive coating that does not change the tactility of the material. It is washable, breathable, comfortable, and durable. The coating does not deteriorate over time. Soliyarn is offering 10% ownership of the LLC to EB-5 investors. The capital will be used for the following.

  • On-Board the part time team as full time dedicated employees

  • Build Deposition chamber in order to properly coat the fabric in a controlled environment

  • Collaborate with counsel in order to push Patents forward

  • Continue R&D

  • Complete SOCOM Contract

  • Scale up Production


The company has already secured a US government military contract to build and supply prototype-heated gloves. We are also exploring the possibility of partnering with one of the biggest defense contractor in the country and they will be the first client. This technology has unlimited application in producing heated garments, monitoring heart rate, sleep studies, creating solar energy from wearable etc.

Clearview COUNSELING GROUP, INC. - Business Ownership

EB-5 Capital Raise: $500,000, 1 EB-5 investor per expansion location, each will be located in a TEA

We have successfully created a system and process for opening and running cash-flowing therapy centers and is currently looking for investors to fund future locations that will be opened. The locations can be located anywhere, but are generally focused around secondary MSA’s around larger cities. The first location in Longmeadow, MA has grown to just over 400 completed sessions each month in its first 9 months of operations. This location has hired 10 therapists, 1 administrator, 1 business development, and 1 intake coordinator, which would provide a 30% buffer for the required 10 jobs that need to be created per investment.

For future locations, the capital raised will be used for the following:

  • Hire full time staff and therapists

  • Operations for the first year

  • Purchase the building site where the new branch will be located

Once the green card application is complete, the investor can exit in one of two ways:

  • The property can be refinanced and the investor paid back while keeping an equity stake in the company

  • The property can be sold and the investor can completely exit from this deal



Ferry Street Fund, lp - Real Estate

EB-5 Capital Raise: $6,500,000; up to 13 investors; project is in a TEA

The Ferry Street Project is a historic textile mill complex located at 1 Ferry Street, Easthampton, Massachusetts. Originally developed in the 1800’s for use as a textile mill, it has since been abandoned and is sitting dormant. The site is currently home to six blighted brick masonry structures that total approximately 380,000 square feet. Situated on 7.1 acres in the Lower Mill Pond area, the structures command views of Mill Pond, the Mount Tom Mountain Range and a unique canal which runs between the buildings. Left unattended for some time, the buildings are in decline and in need of redevelopment. The complex is located in an Opportunity Zone and is the construction has begun on Phase I, which is a commercial building. There are two remaining buildings which are both residential rentals that will be 32 in Building 5 and 84 in the Building 7.

The construction from start to finish for this project is 24-30 months. Projections for job creating for this project are 153.5 jobs which gives the project a nice buffer. There has already been $1,000,000 of non EB-5 capital raised along with several hundred thousand dollars that the developer has invested himself into getting the project off the ground.

Mike Michon is a serial developer with over 28 years of experience in building and real estate management. Early in Mr. Michon’s career, he was a Construction Supervisor for large development project that consisted of 230 town homes in Brewster, Massachusetts. He then moved on to become Project Manager for Lakeside Builders, Inc. to develop and build multiple subdivisions totaling 225 homes in the Boston Metro West area. Most recently, Mr. Michon developed 120,000 sq. ft of Industrial Mill Property in Easthampton, Massachusetts which he now owns and operates.