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Gary Cameron and Adrian Beach met in University of Massachusetts, Amherst, where Adrian was pursuing his MBA and Gary was an alumni of the undergraduate program, actively involved in the student development activities. Gary was mock interviewing Adrian or AJ as he likes to be known as, as part of the curriculum. Five minutes into the interview, they deviated from the script and started learning about each other. Gary had held leadership positions in several financial institutions and voluntarily retired as the Director of the Swaps Department in JP Morgan in 2015. He then invested in multiple start-ups as a venture capitalist when his path crossed with AJ. AJ on the other hand had 25 years of experience in real estate investments which Gary had interest in investing. They both found interests, capabilities and expertise in a common field and that marked the inception of Brahman Holdings in January, 2017. AJ focused on building the business from ground up while Gary brought in advise and capital. We found that their individual fields complemented each other’s in surprising, and what turned out to be inseparable, ways. Soon after inception they brought in Sayantani Nandy, a colleague from AJ’s Business School and together they set out on a journey with a coherent vision, passion and determination. In two years they expanded their verticals and started several companies specializing in different areas under the oversight of Brahman Holdings.

Brahman Holdings opened its doors in 2017. Since then they have developed 4 Associate companies in Fix and Flip business, partnered with 3 Start-ups, started an Opportunity Fund and developed a cutting edge tech solution to revolutionize the real estate market place. In 2018, they brought on David Jeffway, an engine to manage Operations, Ben Chalfie, a creative associate spearheading marketing effors and Alain Digon, a brilliant combination of tech and finance capability to head the Opportunity Zone Fund. This hand curated tight-knit exceptional team works round the clock to provide value to the core business. The company has also set up an overseas operations in India for outsourcing the technology, which provides us a competitive advantage by leveraging economies of currency valuation.


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Gary Cameron

From working at the prestigious JP Morgan Chase to owning his own surf shop in Costa Rica, from Swaps & Hedge Funds to Equity owner in early stage start-ups, Gary has been working in Alternative Investments nearly 30 years. Gary spent his formative business years working in alternative investments focused on fixed income relative value trading strategies. In 2015 he left JP Morgan as the Global Managing Director of USD Swaps to pursue his passions in experiential investing. His first deal was the purchase of the Nosara Surf Shop in Costa Rica’s Blue Zone. In 2017 Garda Capital Partners pulled him off his surf board and hired him to establish the Garda Capital Partners New York office. When he isn't chopping wood for Garda he can be found on his Peloton or chasing waves in Nosara.



ISENBERG SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT University of Massachusetts, Amherst
BBA, 1989


ISWAP NORTH AMERICA Member Board of Directors
Jan 2012 - Jun 2015

ISENBERG SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Finance Advisory Board Member Apr 2015 - Present Visiting Lecturer Apr 2012 - Present


Nov 2016 - Present

LOCHIEL PROPERTIES Private Investments
May 2015 - Present

JPMORGAN CHASE MD, Director of USD Swaps, NYC Jan 2012 - Oct 2015 MD, Director of USD Rates Trading - Europe, ME, Africa, London Feb 2007 - Jan 2012 Executive Director Oct 1997 - Jan 2007, NYC

HSBC VP, Tokyo & NYC 1989 - 1997



Partner, Managing director

Adrian Beach

A business strategy, private investments, and real-estate veteran, Adrian is committed to sound project management, data-based decision-making, & forging new partnerships. He is very passionate about rolling up his shirt sleeves and putting boots on the ground to help work through obstacles for start-ups and scale-up businesses. He is frequently found spending his lunch breaks suffering in the pain cave while pushing meager watts out on his bike. Prior to founding Brahman Holdings Adrian had started multiple companies.



ISENBERG SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT University of Massachusetts, Amherst
MBA, 2016

M.S., Project Management, 2014

UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA B.A., Business Administration, 1995

Consulting Roles

VALLEY VENTURE MENTORS Investment Consultant, Start-Ups
Sep 2015 - May 2017

ISENBERG SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Business Consultant, Start-Ups Sep 2015 - Sep 2016

ROTHROCK & ASSOCIATES FINANCIAL, INC. Business Consultant, Insurance & Investments
Jan 2013 - May 2016

REAL ESTATE MEDIA LAB Real Estate Management Consultant
May 2013 - Dec 2013


BRAHMAN HOLDINGS LLC Managing Director, Alternative Investments
Nov 2016 -Present

210 VENTURES, INC. Director, Start-Up/Scale-Up Business Consulting & Investing
Apr 2016 - Present

UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS, AMHERST Institute of Applied Life Sciences Director of Innovation Fellowship Program, Translating Technology to Business Jul 2016 - May 2018

GIOMARE GROUP - AT&T Program Management Consultant, AT&T's Switched Ethernet Solutions  Dec 2014 - Apr 2018

BIENVILLE INVESTMENTS Managing Director, Real Estate Investments and NPN Conversion Jun 2007 - Jul 2016

AJB LLC Managing Principal, Integrated Real Estate Investments Jan 2006 - Dec 2012

D. BRADLEY INVESTMENTS, INC. Director of Acquisitions, Private Investment & Management  Jan 2001 - Apr 2009