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210 Ventures was established in May 2016 to consult and invest in early stage start-up and distressed scale-ups that needed both business guidance and cash investment to realize their dreams. In 2017, it was brought under the Brahman Holdings umbrella as the Consulting and Venture Capitalist arm of the business. The founders worked closely with Valley Venture Mentors in Springfield, MA to help them underwrite the feasibility of start-ups going through their mentor-ship program. It was when they were approached by their first client to join the team as the business driver, and since then the company has partnered with 3 companies and eagerly waiting for many more to come!



210 Ventures started in an MBA dorm room with a host of MBA candidates of UMass, Amherst ideating a solution on the failed future of great ideas, that lacked business acumen. Only a few members came out of that brainstorming with a zeal to form a new consulting firm that would focus on start-ups and help the brilliant ideas see the daylight with thoughtful execution. The founders of the company started working with local entrepreneurs with business plan, financial projections and the likes of it, and soon realized that the entrepreneurs are highly effective when the business components are taught to them through experiential learning. 210 Ventures build their business model from the realization. We not only consult on all aspects of business but also provide seed capital and sweat equity to take the company to the next step per need basis. We pride ourselves for not only providing a hypothetical solution like traditional consulting firms, but implementing the proposed solution to generate results which in turn generate our returns.

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This is a small team of 2 Principal Consultants and 1 Business Development Lead. We only on-board one company at a time, spend coaching and planning hours, then identify the need of key resources and hire them to fast forward the growth. The identified resources are not our team members, they are strictly the start-up’s resources.




  1. Social Worker Connect: Social Worker Connect is a online referral platform that connects social workers to therapists without waiting on a line to get their patients find the right help at the right time.

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  2. International Cannabis Certification Incorporated: ICCI is started by 210 Ventures and some brilliant minds in the country in computation chemistry to understand the data behind specific marijuana strains, their composition and effect on human body to revolutionize the medical marijuana space. It is a research organization.

  3. Clearview Counseling Group: A therapy agency which is not reinventing the wheel but catering to the dire need of the society. Our excitement about this company is their goal to rapidly expand.

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